Definitions for "Documentary"
A filmed account of an actual event, without dramatization by actors or actresses. Not to be confused with docudrama.
a non-fiction film which usually, although not always, has a particular point of view regarding its subject matter; John Grierson of the National Film Board is known as the father of the documentary film; see also cinéma verité.
Refers to film or video that explores a subject in a way the public expects to be factual and accurate. Documentaries may be balanced by including various viewpoints, or they may be subjective, offering the viewpoint and impressions of one producer.
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a moving, no-stone-unturned record of the life of the most recognizable voice in country music, the legendary Johnny Cash
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a very thoughtful and insightful examination of the misuse of beauty, of the effects of "lookism," and of the ruthlessness of media advertising
a challenging exercise in real time
a great way to tell a story
a real story about a real hero
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a hometown microscope and global satellite
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a valuable resource on the civil war period
Pertaining to written evidence; contained or certified in writing.
a succession of photographs -- still frames -- with the addition of sound
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relating to or consisting of or derived from documents