Definitions for "Document Type"
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All documents in DaFIS are identified by a document type - e.g. the Vendor Invoice is identified as VI. Document type can be used to narrow the results of a search for a particular document.
Enterprise Server defines the structure of document with a document type, which defines the allowed/expected fields of a document. Document types are the basis for establishing subscriptions--client registers an interest in receiving documents of a specific type.
n. The type of data in a particular Printing Systems Manager (PSM) document. For example, a print file document contains only printable data, and a print resource document contains only data such as fonts or form definitions that are not printable.
a conforming complex ruby markup can also specify a fallback mechanism for browsers that do not know about ruby markup including rp elements simple ruby markup, multiple rt elements
field (cf) found in some databases. It describes what kind of document the original is, e.g., biography, bibliography, report, etc.
Describes categories of documents based on the features of their structure (e.g., graphs, charts, tables, blueprints).
Submissions received may consist of more than one document. For example, a Form 10-K, an exhibit, and a cover letter constitute three separate documents in one submission. Each document must begin with a document header. A Form 10-K submission must contain at least one document, which is the Form 10-K.
A translation option that allows the translator to specify the general style of the text to be translated.
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See Form.