Definitions for "document"
To furnish with documents or papers necessary to establish facts or give information; as, a a ship should be documented according to the directions of law.
Anything printed, written, relied upon to record or prove something.
An online screen used to process a transaction. Electronic equivalent to a paper form.
An attachment or file.
Generally, any files that can be opened, edited, and printed.
documents are the actual opinions which have been indexed in the Opinions database. The documents are in WordPerfect format
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As used in EDI, one complete piece of data. For example, on Purchase Order, or one Invoice. Also known as a "Message"
an electronic document containing transaction data in either xCBL or EDI format.
Any paper including a document of title, security, invoice, notice of default, etc.
b . An XML structure containing a root element and it's subelements. See: Root, Element
An XML Document. [1.4] The major difference from Assets is that Documents can be processed by XSL statements (map:translate). It is impossible to do XSL Transformations on non-XML data (the definition of an Asset).
In general, an XML structure in which one or more element s contains text intermixed with subelements. See also: data.
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ArcView is a multiple document interface (MDI) application. The user may have more than one document within the parent ArcView window. This is similar to other PC applications such Word, which allow the user to open two different letters at the same time. Documents may be resized or minimized (reduced to an icon) within the parent window. ArcView supports several different types of documents, including Views, Tables, and Layouts. Each document type has a different graphical user interface (GUI) offering a different selection of menus, buttons, and tools to interact with the user.
A document window, which is always contained within an application window. This role applies only to multiple-document interface (MDI) windows and refers to an object that contains the MDI title bar.
Proof of an objects' existence and authenticity.
(a) an original or official paper relied on as the basis, proof, or support of a debt, (b) any application, agreement, billing statement, notice, UCC financing statement from the Debtor to Seller, correspondence, computer generated documentation or other document in a Seller's possession, which relates to an Account, (c) applications, acceptance certificates, cardholder agreements, accounts or billing statement and balance affidavits.
an official certificate relied on as proof of something. A birth, marriage, or death certificate is a document. To document is to provide official sources from which information has been taken.
A fundamental unit of data in the Biozon database that contains a number of attributes and associated values. Documents always given a type classification based on their content and meaning.
A discrete unit of content and its associated metadata.
Information having the property that its representing data items are chosen to support full information content transfer to a human through a presentation view.
A documentation component, including textual and graphical artifacts.
Digital object that is the analog of a physical document, especially textual materials; a document model is an object model for documents.
The narrative and graphical description of a system
List, set out the ideas, processes or facts according to a set principle or premise
to acknowledge the source of an idea or fact with a parenthetical reference, endnote, footnote.
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Any page containing information that that you can view with software.
The basic unit of computer storage and retrieval. A document can also be called a file, a page (on the World Wide Web), or a record (in a database). It is roughly equivalent to one screen on the monitor, but is often larger than what can be viewed on the screen at one time requiring the viewer to scroll in order to view the entire document. Use the "Back" button at the top of your screen to return to the previous screen.
A document can either refer to a logical collection of web pages, or is an informal way to refer to a web page.
That which is taught or authoritatively set forth; precept; instruction; dogma.
An example for instruction or warning.
1. Any data that can be represented in a digital form. 2. Resources on which are not services or agencies, even if they are not traditional "documents" - for example, a sculpture.
A form or return within a block or unit-of-work. Can be a Form 1099, Form 8164, etc.
Any data that can be represented in a digital form. [UeB Glossary
A collection of data that represents a entity of some sort, such as a purchase order, an activity notification, a request, etc. Within an integration context, an event is the basic unit of data that is exchanged between processes or systems. The terms event, document and message are often used interchangeably.
A C++ object that encapsulates the application's data and logic.
A collection of data, organized into some logical order andpresented on paper.
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The contents of a document can be a chapter in a book, a technical report, a bug report, etc. The document is the Universal Resource Locator (URL) page that displays in the browser window.
Any item that can be referred to by a URL. Also known, in other contexts, as a "hypertext page" or a "resource."
A resource linked to somewhere in the directory. The PMI does not store document contents in its database. Instead, a document is merely a URL to a resource somewhere on the internet. This provides the greatest range of flexibility in associated related resources to a project, release, or category.
A term for a node on some systems (eg Intermedia). Sometimes used by others as a term for a collection of nodes on related topics, possible stored or distributed as one. The prefered term in W3 documentation.
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For the purposes of this standard, an HTML instance.
aka resource; aka Node; See also: visit aka page, frame, card a bit of data in [SGML86] in [HTML95], 3.2, 4.0
HTML document
Any analogue or digital unit which can be catalogued and/or indexed (after ISO 5963).
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that includes only major variation s from plan (rather than all variation [D00639] PMK96
Information created or compiled by an organisation or an individual and packaged in any physical form
Level: top-level entity A well-defined piece of information about an object or activity, mostly existing in physical or/and digital form.
A collection of information that is processed as a unit.
A coherent set of data structured to present a line of reasoning or to report on an activity.
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To teach; to school.
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Business or personal correspondance item having no defined commercial value. (document)
Referring to report section/news item.
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A Drawing or a Block .
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A legal agreement.
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A "transaction set" or "message".
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See Web document.