Definitions for "DocBook"
Keywords:  sgml, dtd, oasis, documentation, xml
An industry standard document markup language written originally in SGML and now available in several flavors of XML (DTD, Scheme, Relax NG). Emphasizes semantic content.
A set of SGML tags for describing books, articles, and other documents, particularly technical documentation.
Markup language for technical documentation. DocBook was originally intended for authoring technical documents relating to computer hardware and software but it can be used for any other sort of documentation. It is maintained and standardized by the DocBook Technical Committee at OASIS (originally SGML Open). DocBook exists as both an SGML and an XML DTD. DocBook originally started as an SGML application, but an equivalent XML application was developed and has now replaced the SGML one for most uses.
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Home for the DocBook XSLT stylesheets and DSSSL stylesheets and more.