Definitions for "DLP"
Digital Light Processing. Developed by Texas Instruments, DLP is also known as micromirror technology. Each DLP semiconductor has over 1/2 million mirrors on its surface and each mirror is digitally controlled to project a high light, high color, and high resolution image.
Digital Light Processing. Digital, reflective technology invented by Texas Instruments. Digital Projectors feature an high image quality with natural colours. They work with tiny mirrors for the different pixels and colourwheels (prisms) for the colours red, green, and blue.
Digital Light Processing: Type of projection TV technology based on DMD. DLP TVs can use a single chip that works with a color wheel to create a picture or use a three-chip setup to create the red, green, and blue components of an image.
Dairy, Livestock and Poultry – Division of FAS
Deoxidised copper, low phosphorus.
The main landing page for your program - that is, the page on your website to which customers are taken when they click through on your link from an affiliate's site. The DLP is typically your home page, tagged with the scripting that initiates the LSTrans process (see LSTrans). The scripting must be associated with your account before you can create program levels and promotions.
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Dose-Length Product. A basic measure of radiation risk calculated by multiplying the CTDI for a scan sequence by the length of coverage in the z-direction (along the patient's length).
Democratic Labor Party (DLP) of Australia
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Double LP
Abbreviation for Distance Learning Program.