Definitions for "Dizziness"
Giddiness; a whirling sensation in the head; vertigo.
Different sensory experiences described by the patient as a feeling of rotation or whirling, but also as light-headness, faintness, or swaying. Many different conditions can lead to this complaint. One subset of complaints in which the patient descibes definite feelings of rotation (whether of himself or the environment) is called vertigo , and occurs almost exclusively with disorders of the peripheral or central vestibular system. See vertigo.
A subjective and imprecise term which could refer to vertigo or a variety of disturbing conditions with a psychological basis.
Neural Thermoregulation
Neural Torsion
Neuronal Thermoregulation
Keywords:  vascular, orthopaedic, nasal
Orthopaedic Vascular
Nasal Vascular
Keywords:  tracheotomy, nasopharynx
Nasopharynx Tracheotomy
Memantine Transcutaneous
Keywords:  vancomycin, neuralgia
Neuralgia Vancomycin
Keywords:  overdose
Keywords:  myasthenia, thyroxine
Myasthenia Thyroxine
Molecular Serum Mutagenesis Somatic
Mineralocorticoid Tuberculosis Molecular
Keywords:  mycosis, subcutaneous
Mycosis Subcutaneous
Keywords:  norepinephrine
Necrosis Transgenes Neoplastic Transplantation
Keywords:  neutrophil, ventral
Neutrophil Ventral
Keywords:  tomography
Keywords:  microscopy, vaccination
Microscopy Vaccination
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Keywords:  tospovirus, topical, membrane
Topical Membrane Tospovirus
Keywords:  niacin, viral, nickel, viruses
Niacin Viral Nickel Viruses
Keywords:  paralysis, toxicity
Toxicity Paralysis
Keywords:  reluctant, walk, get, around
Reluctant to get up and walk around