Definitions for "Diverticulum"
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A blind tube branching out of a longer one.
(di ver tic´ u lum) [L. divertere: turn away] • A small cavity or tube that connects to a major cavity or tube.
Blind pouch (a pocket or closed branch).
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a ballooned-out weak spot on the esophagus, usually in the neck level, and may cause swallowing difficulty when food lodges in it
an "outpocketing" of the lining of the urethra which interferes with urinary flow and may result in post-urination leakage
(plural: diverticula) - A possible complication of surgery, resulting in ballooning of the urethra while urinating or collecting semen following an ejaculation.
Myxedema Transplantation
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Necrosis Topical
a small passage diverging from a larger channel; most commonly used to refer to various by-ways off the digestive tract.