Definitions for "DIVERSE"
Keywords:  dissimilar, cavy, dylan, sloth, jaguar
Different; unlike; dissimilar; distinct; separate.
distinctly dissimilar or unlike; "diverse parts of the country"; "celebrities as diverse as Bob Hope and Bob Dylan"; "animals as various as the jaguar and the cavy and the sloth"
dissimilar, varied
Diverse (born Kenny Jenkins in Chicago, Illinois) is an American rapper. An underground hip-hop artist, he has received critical acclaim "from knowledgeable heads worldwide". Beatseeking Missives: Diverse. The Stranger, 18 March, 2004.
In different directions; diversely.
many and different; "tourist offices of divers nationalities"; "a person of diverse talents"
Of different kinds, types, or species.
Device Independent Virtual Environment - Reconfigurable, Scalable, Extensible. A platform, device, and display independent API for developing 3D virtual environment applications on Linux and IRIX.
Keywords:  multiform, capable, forms
Capable of various forms; multiform.
A representation that includes a broad cross-section of age groups, ethnicities, disabilities and social economic conditions.
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To turn aside.
Keywords:  qualities, forms
Having various forms or qualities.