Definitions for "Ditch"
Keywords:  moat, trench, dug, excavated, dig
A trench made in the earth by digging, particularly a trench for draining wet land, for guarding or fencing inclosures, or for preventing an approach to a town or fortress. In the latter sense, it is called also a moat or a fosse.
Any long, narrow receptacle for water on the surface of the earth.
To dig a ditch or ditches in; to drain by a ditch or ditches; as, to ditch moist land.
Keywords:  gutter, unlined, shot, channel, lane
The gutter. Also used to describe an extreme outside shot, from the first to the fourth boards from either gutter.
The gutter; the channel.
Small artificial channel, usually unlined.
What magicians would like to crawl into when using 'Breakaway Props'.
Where a magician gets thrown if he's caught second dealing during a legitimate poker game.
Ditches are commonly seen on cross country courses at all levels of eventing, and may be up to 11'10" at the advanced four-star level. Ditches test the bravery of the horse and rider, and may used alone or in a combination of jumps, such as in a coffin, or in front of or after a fence, as well as underneath as a trakehner Ditches should be ridden positively forward.
Keywords:  donjon, drawbridge
Donjon Drawbridge
Keywords:  song, vail, encore, never, good
a good song, but it should never be played live
a great song, but not good enough to be an encore
a sweet song and I really don't like Long Black Vail
sever all ties with, usually unceremoniously or irresponsibly; "The company dumped him after many years of service"; "She dumped her boyfriend when she fell in love with a rich man"
This is anytime you get your plane on the ground and live, but are too far from a friendly field to rule it a successful landing.
make an emergency landing on water
crash or crash-land; "ditch a car"; "ditch a plane"
Keywords:  forsake, lover
forsake; "ditch a lover"
To get rid of something without being seen. Often, it's something you've gimmicked and don't want the audience to see.
To secretly dispose of something no longer required.
Keywords:  loser, discard, slang
(slang) discard (usually a loser).
Keywords:  throw, chuck, old, turned, engine
To throw into a ditch; as, the engine was ditched and turned on its side.
throw away; "Chuck these old notes"
Keywords:  conduit, dams, hydraulic, built, nine
A ditch in mining country carries a supply of water from mountain dams to hydraulic mining pits. They are built to drop nine feet in a mile for maximum performance.
A conduit cut into or built upon the surface of the ground to transport water from a stream to a point of use away from the stream.
Keywords:  waterway, natural, small
any small natural waterway
Keywords:  surround
To surround with a ditch.