Definitions for "DISTRESS"
The act of distraining; the taking of a personal chattel out of the possession of a wrongdoer, by way of pledge for redress of an injury, or for the performance of a duty, as for nonpayment of rent or taxes, or for injury done by cattle, etc.
The thing taken by distraining; that which is seized to procure satisfaction.
To seize for debt; to distrain.
A disease incurred by exposure to the prosperity of a friend.
Extreme pain or suffering; anguish of body or mind; as, to suffer distress from the gout, or from the loss of friends.
That which occasions suffering; painful situation; misfortune; affliction; misery.
A state of danger or necessity; as, a ship in distress, from leaking, loss of spars, want of provisions or water, etc.
means that a cave-in is imminent or is likely to occur. Distress is evidenced by such phenomena as the development of fissures in the face of or adjacent to an open excavation; the slumping of material from the face or the bulging or heaving of material from the bottom of an excavation; the spalling of material from the face of an excavation; and raveling, i.e. small amounts of material such as pebbles or little clumps of material suddenly separating from the face and trickling or rolling down into an excavation.
A condition involving a threat of serious or imminent danger and a need for immediate assistance. Fr: d├ętresse
detrimental, harmful, unpleasant or damaging stress.
A type of negative stress that prompts a harmful response, such as disease.
experiencing more stress than we can effectively cope with.
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Various decorative painting techniques to make new wood look old.
When a piece is intentionally given a worn, aged look.
Using different methods to make elements look aged, worn, and beat-up. Ways to distress include: sanding, inking, chalking, painting...
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Distress is a 1995 science fiction novel by Greg Egan.
The effects shown by the horse of being asked more than he is capable of producing. It will show most clearly in too high a heart rate, as well as unduly accelerated respiration rate. Mucous membrane will also be affected.
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The right of one party to sell real or personal property belonging to another party to pay unpaid or overdue debt.
The wearing or deterioration of a building component or content item, weakness.
Refers to the foundation. This occurs when the movement of the foundation causes excessive non-support of the home by the foundation. This condition requires repair.