Definitions for "Distal"
Remote from the point of attachment or origin; as, the distal end of a bone or muscle
The portion of a flake found farthest from the bulb of percussion.
A location farther from a point of reference. For example, the foot is distal to the knee, relative to the centre of the body.
Mucosa Thioredoxin
Mucosa Tonsillitis
Pertaining to that which is distal; as, the distal tuberosities of a bone.
Pertaining to the side away from the ancestrula or origin of growth (Ryland & Hayward, 1977).
the direction toward the growing edge of the colony and away from the ancestrula, the origin of colony growth.
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Motility Toxicology
Motility Thyroid
Necrosis Testicular Nephropathy Thermoregulation
Necrosis Transplantation Neonatal
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Neurophysiology Vasomotor
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Malabsorption Thrombocytopenia
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Nicotine Threonine
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Non-small cell lung cancer Tomography
Microscopy Tomography
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Narcotic Thalamus
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Toward the apex, away from the base.
Away from body mid-line. Toward apex (tips) of appendages.
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The part of a spore or pollen grain that faces outward from the center of a tetrad.
Located away from the center of the body.
Away from the centre of the body. search for Distal
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Myocarditis Ulceration
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Lipid Stasis
igneous or sedimentary deposits made up of fine particles deposited far from their sources.
located far from the reference point.
(adj.) far from the center
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Neurons Tears
Neurons Tonic
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Molecule Thoracotomy
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located away from the stem
Location of urethral opening between the middle or the penile shaft and the head of the penis (glans).
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Membrane Synergistic
Phenotype Potassium Wheelchairs
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Neural Ureter
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near the tip or end of a structure.
The end of a flake opposite the bulb. The area of a flake containing its termination.
Near or toward the free end of a structure; opposite of basal.
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Further down the bowel towards the anus.
the surface or point towards the back of the mouth
towards the rear end
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Refers to amount of intestine bypassed; normally more than 150-200 cm, often done on people with over 100lbs to be lost
A direction indication in the mouth. It indicates the direction away from the middle of the jaw.
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Non-small cell lung cancer Systemic
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Further from the heart