Definitions for "Disposal"
The act of disposing, or disposing of, anything; arrangement; orderly distribution; a putting in order; as, the disposal of the troops in two lines.
Regulation of the fate, condition, application, etc., of anything; the transference of anything into new hands, a new place, condition, etc.; alienation, or parting; as, a disposal of property.
The discharge or placement of any solid waste or hazardous waste into or on land or water.
The act of physically removing object/s from a museum collection. See also: deaccession.
the permanent removal of an object to which the National Maritime Museum (NMM) has legal title from the permanent collection. The term will not be used to describe the return of loans or objects deposited temporarily with the Museum.
the permanent storage or removal of trash from the environment.
a retirement of an asset that has become obsolete, or has exhausted its useful life
The term "disposal" includes: an asset that is compulsorily acquired an asset taken out of New Zealand (other than only temporarily) changes in use or location of use of a business asset ceasing intangible asset rights an asset that is irreparably damaged any distribution of assets (including distributions of assets to the beneficial owners for no cost) ceasing deemed ownership of a fixture or improvement an asset that is lost or stolen if that asset is not recovered in the income year when the loss or theft occurs.
The process whereby an asset is disposed of or decommissioned.
In some countries, such as the USA, this refers to where an application has been resolved by being withdrawn, rejected or granted. It can also have the connotation of being rejected only.
A term used in some countries, including the U.S., to mean that an application has been abandoned, rejected or granted. The term is also used to quantify an examiner's productivity.
sanitary removal of animal carcasses and other infected material by burial, burning or some other process, so as to prevent the spread of disease.
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a kitchen appliance for disposing of garbage
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When a company sells another company that has owned.
Stores that sells used army and navy equipment plus camping gear
Timber is disposed of when the owner cuts, sells, or exchanges the timber or otherwise parts with it. In the case of a 631 (b) disposal, where the timber is cut under a contract that obligates the owner to sell and the purchaser to cut and purchase designated trees at a specified unit price, the timber is disposed of at the time cutting begins. Also see “Lump-sum timber sale,” “Section 631 (a) transaction,” and “Section 631 (b) disposal.
the sale of property owned by the government.Disposal also refers to the actual legal process of removing control and ownership of property from the government.
An authorized method of permanently divesting the Government of control and responsibility for real and personal property. Sale of Government-owned property.
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A device that grinds food sufficiently to enter drains for disposal without clogging.
the relocation and/or containment, of unwanted materials
The transfer of land (includes buildings) title by sale, assignment, the granting of a new lease, death, gift or exchange.
a method of tending to (especially business) matters
Power or authority to dispose of, determine the condition of, control, etc., especially in the phrase at, or in, the disposal of.
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Sale or distribution of goods.
Ordering; regulation; adjustment; management; government; direction.