Definitions for "Disposable"
designed to be disposed of after use; -- of articles of commerce. The term implies that it is less expensive to manufacture a new one than to clean and recycle the used item to make it fit for use again; as, disposable dishes; disposable diapers; disposable gloves. Opposite of reusable.
Describes element which is to be discarded after use and replaced with an identical element. Same as replaceable. Opposite of reusable.
A filter or any other such part of a system, which is intended to be discarded and replaced after each service cycle.
Meant to be thrown away after a single use or a few uses, rather than to be saved and reused many times.
Designed to be thrown away after one use or after a limited period of time.
products or materials that can be or are usually thrown away after one use or a limited amount of time. For example, used paper plates are disposable.
Subject to disposal; free to be used or employed as occasion may require; not assigned to any service or use.
employees who are employed on a part-time basis, either less than the normal hours per week, or only during some part of a year. Also called temporary or contingent employees. Page 105
free or available for use or disposition; "every disposable piece of equipment was sent to the fire"; "disposable assets"
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designed to be disposed of after use; "disposable paper cups"
Income A term referring to all income remaining after all necessary expenses are paid, such as mortgage, car payment, insurance, etc.