Definitions for "Disk array"
Common name for a RAID unit. A term for a unit that groups hard drives (sometimes called striping) to provide increased storage capacity, speed and data security.
A linked group of small, independent drives used to replace larger, single disk drive systems and addressed by a computer as one unit. See also RAID.
A collection of disks logically arranged into an object. Arrays tend to provide benefits such as redundancy or improved performance. Also see disk enclosure and JBOD.
a group of marketed harddisks of identical design managed by a special controller
Two or more hard disks interconnected to increase security, performance, or reliability.
a matrix of independent but interconnected physical disk storage units
a collection of disks that appears to the system as one or more virtual disks (also referred to as volumes )
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Two or more disks grouped together to appear as a single disk to the host system.