Definitions for "Disjunction"
The act of disjoining; disunion; separation; a parting; as, the disjunction of soul and body.
The separation of homologous chromosomes during meiosis or the separation of complementary chromatids during mitosis.
Separation of homologous chromosomes during anaphase of mitotic or meiotic divisions (see also nondisjunction).
A disjunctive proposition.
An "or" statement, e.g. "Figs are fruits or figs are vegetables." See also disjunct.
an either-or proposition
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An WFF of the form (α∨β).
logical or; used to describe the effect of alternation. See also conjunction.
a formula or sentence whose principle operator is logical (inclusive) or, e.g. "x5 x6"
Refers to a logical OR. Disjunction contrasts with conjunction.
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state of being disconnected
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The boolean "or" function.
a string definition that permits a choice of one string definition from a set of several string definitions
the act of breaking a connection
A series of goals connected by the connective “or” (that is, a series of goals whose principal operator is `;').