Definitions for "discuss"
Keywords:  sift, debate, argument, essay, con
To examine in detail or by disputation; to reason upon by presenting favorable and adverse considerations; to debate; to sift; to investigate; to ventilate.
To examine or search thoroughly; to exhaust a remedy against, as against a principal debtor before proceeding against the surety.
Examine, analyze carefully, and present detailed considerations pro and con regarding the problems or items involved. Often found in essays.
To exchange views for the purpose of convincing or reaching a conclusion.
present a point of view, that of others and/or your own. This is likely to entail thorough description and an emphasis on the most important points.
Exchange views for the purpose of arriving at a conclusion.
Keywords:  xoops, ajax, chat, rapid, rich
DISCUSS is so-called “chat” module for XOOPS, that supports your group to make rapid decisions. It offers rich user experience with IM-like interface powered by Ajax technology.
To break to pieces; to shatter.
To break up; to disperse; to scatter; to dissipate; to drive away; -- said especially of tumors.
Keywords:  shake, finish
To shake; to put away; to finish.
speak with others about (something); talk (something) over in detail; have a discussion; "We discussed our household budget"
Keywords:  drinking, deal, eating
To deal with, in eating or drinking.
To engage in oral, written or any other appropriate form of presentation.
Keywords:  issues, identify, points, provide
Identify issues and provide points for and/or against