Definitions for "Discriminator"
A type of FM Demodulator.
An electronic circuit which distinguishes signal pulses according to their pulse height or voltage so that unwanted counts can be excluded.
A tuned circuit that produces an output voltage, the amplitude and polarity of which are determined by the frequency of the input signal. A discriminator is used as the demodulator in an FM receiver.
a person who differentiates
a fast comparator wich can be implemented as a cascade of differential amplifier s, where the latter stages are driven into saturation, that means either into the low or the high state
an attribute of enumeration type that indicates which property of a class is being abstracted by a particular generalization
A mathematical abstraction of a conserved motif, or set of motifs (e.g., a regular expression pattern, a profile or a fingerprint), used to search either an individual query sequence or a full database for the occurrence of that same, or similar, motif(s).
management support object that allows a system to select management operations and event reports relating to other managed objects . source: ITU-T X.734 domain: Information Model usage
a pseudoattribute that selects a child element from a set of children within a generalization relationship
A unique feature of an offer that supports a benefit. Commonly, a weak discriminator is where the feature is only different to one other competitor rather than all competitors.
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a rooted path in the tree (e
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One who discriminates.