Definitions for "Discrimination"
The arbitrary imposition of unequal tariffs for substantially the same service.
That which discriminates; mark of distinction.
The practice of favoring members of one group over another without reference to an individual group member's unique qualities or qualifications.
The act of discriminating, distinguishing, or noting and marking differences.
The state of being discriminated, distinguished, or set apart.
The quality of being discriminating; faculty of nicely distinguishing; acute discernment; as, to show great discrimination in the choice of means.
The ability of a metal detector to reject a target, such as a pull tab and foil or accept a target such as a coin or jewelry based on its metallic composition
is the ability of the detector to ignore or reject unwanted targets, generally though with a high ferrous (Iron) content. Nails, wire, foil, nut, bolts, etc, are generally considered to be junk targets. Caution must be used when setting the discriminator to ignore certain targets, because using too much discrimination may cause you to miss some valuable targets. To successfully recover gold nuggets, it is best to search with no discrimination at all.
The ability of the detector to ignore the response from a specific target range, allowing responses only from targets with a higher conductivity.
Where a plan, through its provisions or through its operation, favors officers, shareholders, or highly compensated employees to the detriment of other employees.
A body of so-called law developed in the 1960's to give favors to minorities and to de-nationalize America. Cannot be used by Nationalists, because to use it legitimizes it. One cannot be "discriminated against" because to "discriminate" means to simply exercise free choice.
The favoring of one group of people to the detriment of others.
A practice in which railroads charged higher rates for one set of shippers than for another. The most common form of discrimination was long-haul/short-haul discrimination, in which the railroad charged more for shipping freight or passengers between two intermediate points on a line than for shipping the same cargo the full length of the line, including the intermediate section. Railroads also charged more to ship finished goods than raw materials, more to ship to popular destinations, and more to ship partial car loads than full carloads.
The preferential rates or privileges granted to some shippers but not to others under similar conditions.
Giving advantage to one shipper, locality or commodity which is not afforded to others under substantially similar circumstances and conditions.
Nerve Translational
Monitor Translational Monoclonal Translocation
Nucleoli Translational Translocation
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vimamsa sensuality - kama
The use of any test that adversely affects hiring, promotion, transfer or any other employment or membership opportunity of classes unless the test has been validated and is job related, and/or an employer can demonstrate that alternative hiring, transfer, or promotion procedures are unavailable.
Discrimination means basing workplace decisions or actions on issues not pertaining to the job, such as someone's personal characteristics, abilities or beliefs. Discrimination can be direct (eg refusing to hire women with children or Asian people) or indirect (eg holding a job interview somewhere that is inaccessible for wheelchair users).
The ability to make distinctions within and/or between visible things
Any effort that defies the principles of network neutrality by prioritizing one form of online content, applications or services over any other. In recent months, the duopoly of cable and DSL providers have threatened to impose a new fee structure that would discriminate against the content and services that run over their "pipes." This move would split the World Wide Web into two tiers: one for the haves - those who can pay their premiums for speed - and the other, for the have nots.
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Nucleus Synchrony
A mental factor that functions to apprehend the uncommon sign of an object. See Understanding the Mind.
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The process by which it is ensured that a protective device will trip or blow before any devices which are nearer the supply or "upstream"
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Miscarriage Tendon
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Networks Sphincters