Definitions for "Discontinuity"
A surface separating rock layers of differing properties or compositions. (see seismic discontinuity)
A sudden or rapid change in physical properties of rocks within the Earth. Discontinuities are recognized by seismic data. See also: Mohorovicic discontinuity.
an area where the chemical composition of main divisions, or layers within a division, changes composition (and bears the name of the scientist who convincingly presented evidence of its existence)
A sudden historical change, making it difficult to compare what came before and after. The sudden extinction of the dinosaurs is an example. However, because people focus on the recent past, a discontinuity may not be noticed till well after it happens. Thus whether the dinosaurs became extinct in a month or a thousand years is not relevant to us now, and what we currently see as discontinuities may be seen by later generations as minor changes in a broad trend. Similar to a wildcard event.
a sharp shift or break from a trend that has been proceeding on a smooth curve. This break is so sharp that it cannot be explained by the normal expected variation. A major shift in a trend, that is so drastic that it cannot be accounted for by normal variation. An example might be the increase in users of the Internet when the first browser was created. ()
Rated interconnection: a broken connection (open circuit) or the loss of a specified connection characteristic. Transient phenomena: Short term (temporary) interruption or unacceptable variation in current or voltage.
A change of timbre or coloration due to the signal's transition, in a multi-way speaker system, from one driver to another having dissimilar coloration.
A zone characterized by a comparatively rapid transition of meteorological elements.
Comparatively large contrast in meteorological elements over a relatively small distance or period of time. In oceanography, it is the abrupt change or jump of a variable at a line or surface.
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discontinuous permafrost
Want of continuity or cohesion; disunion of parts.
Sudden interruption of a continuous phenomenon.
lack of connection of continuity
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obstacle to the stream continuum.
a simple device that has existed for years in Flight Management Systems on air transport aircraft