Definitions for "Discontent"
Not content; discontented; dissatisfied.
To deprive of content; to make uneasy; to dissatisfy.
Want of content; uneasiness and inquietude of mind; dissatisfaction; disquiet.
a longing for something better than the present situation
1. A state of unhappiness or unease. 2. While alcohol (or drug) consumption once made us feel good, we now continue to feel bad while using. 3. We find ourselves (or sometimes fail to notice) separating from the things in our lives that help us to be better people. 4. The opposite of peace.
Keywords:  malcontent, person
A discontented person; a malcontent.
One of the key attributes that make humans human, Discontent reflects the human need to reject comfort and mere static survival in order to achieve. Discontent spurs the imagination and can be linked to most if not all human progress and civilization.