Definitions for "Disciplines"
Disciplines are simply topics, majors, subjects, or programs on campus. Most disciplines have national associations such as the American Psychological Association and the National Council of Teachers of English. These associations may have funds available for student/faculty work in service and civic engagement, or have opportunities to present at national conferences. Disciplines are often organized on campus around colleges and departments. Colleges are groupings of similar departments, such as the College of Humanities, College of Social Science, etc. Specific disciplines are organized by departments. The administrator of a college is usually referred to as a Dean, the administrator of a department is referred to as a Chair.
Commonly accepted bodies of knowledge (branches of learning) and ways of organising to teach them, along with associated skills and behaviours. In the Victorian Essential Learning Standards, these refer to the Arts, The Humanities, English and Languages Other Than English, Mathematics and Science.
A term used to describe content or subject areas such as reading, math, social studies, or science.
The level of ability the player has in a particular field of crafting. Crafting Disciplines are split into Apprentice, Journeymen, and Master levels, of which the player can choose 4, 2, and 1 of respectively (the player can always "unlearn" a particular Discipline and learn another one). Crafting items that belong to one or more of these Disciplines will increase the level of the Discipline. Once the Discipline level is maxed out, the player can then move on to the next Discipline and more complex items can be crafted. An item cannot be crafted by the player if the player does not have that particular Discipline.
term used for areas of study, for example engineering, law, education.