Definitions for "DISBURSEMENTS"
this refers to any expenses incurred by us on your behalf, which you pay to us once your sale / purchase has gone through.
Additional costs incurred such as rates, taxes, and government fees for searches, which are incurred by the conveyancer on behalf of the owner.
Expenses incurred by the shipowner in connection with running a ship.
Cumulative total of the principal amount loaned under a particular program. Depending on the loan type, e.g., direct or guaranteed, the disbursement of monies is made by SBA or the participating lender.
Actual payment of monies. Used to describe construction loan draws.
Payments in cash.
actual cash outlays for goods provided and services rendered.
Payment in cash.
The grant funds distributed by a foundation to grantseekers.
The total amount flowing from investors to investee companies.
Money paid out to designated receiver.
Term used in accounting to describe money paid out or expended.
Funds paid out of a business in settlement of obligations.
All the various costs for carrying out the legal work in relation to buying or remortgaging your home.
(1) In general usage, any payments of money. (2) For annuity contracts, payments insurers make from deferred annuity contracts during the accumulation period. Also known as distributions.
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Mortgage Glossary
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The release of funds from a loan or grant to the recipient. That is generally in the form of cash, goods or services.
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Payments made during the course of an escrow or at closing.
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Mortgage Term