Definitions for "Disbursement"
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The process or method by which money is provided to recipients (e.g., LGA, CSO) from another organisation (e.g., National AIDS Council, Donor, Central Government)
Submenu Disbursement is the release of financial aid towards your school account for payment of tuition, fees, room and board, and other school charges.
Disbursement occurs when the lender releases the loan funds to the school for delivery to the borrower. At Penn State, educational loans are disbursed directly into the student's Bursar account.
Costs such as search fees incurred by solicitors in the conveyancing process. These costs will be passed on to the client.
a payment made on behalf of another person for which reimbursement in the future is expected
Fees paid by the buyer's solicitor on the buyer's behalf such as stamp duty, land registry and search fees.
A term used in accounting and finance to indicate the actual cash disbursements. Français: Déboursement Español: Desembolso
Records the actual international transfer of financial resources or of goods or ser- vices, valued at the cost to the donor.
The actual transfer of financial resources. The disbursement of a microloan reflects the transfer of the loan amount from the lending institution to the borrower.
Records the actual processing for payment of an existing encumbrance, or other expenditure of available budget balance.
Any purchase or payment, including in-kind contributions, made by a political committee (see also Expenditure).
amounts paid for goods and services that may be currently tax deductible (as opposed to capital expenditures)
Means money paid to a NFWF Recipient or NFWF Contractor by the Foundation pursuant to a Grant Agreement or Contract for Goods and/or Services.
Actual payment made for a product, service, or other performance, pursuant to the terms of an agreement.
is the processing of the payable to payees other than the Department of Human or Social Services.
The payoff amount(s) for a loan, payable to specific lending companies to pay off the open debt.
An expense which will be reflected in the tax invoice received from your lawyer which relates to expenses incurred by the lawyer, either by way of internal overhead (such as postage, phone calls and sundries) or payable to third parties such as Barristers, experts and court registries for filing fees
a payment made by your company to a vendor, supplier or other entity. Also see collection.
Actual payment of monies. Sometimes used to describe construction loan draws.
A payment; for example, a payment from a loan program to you is a disbursement.
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Paying out in the discharge of a debt or expense.
A term used to describe the use of assets to discharge debts.
a payment made by a business to acquire an asset or service or to pay for a debt or expense
The physical issuance and reporting of the movement of raw material, components, or other items from a stores room or warehouse.
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That which is disbursed or paid out; as, the annual disbursements exceed the income.
Sums paid out by a ship's agent at a port and recovered from the carrier.
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the act of spending or disbursing money
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The act of disbursing or paying out.
The paying out of a collection.