Definitions for "disassembler"
A system of nanomachines able to take an object apart a few atoms at a time, while recording its structure at the molecular level.
in molecular nanotechnology, a nanomachine or system of nanomachines able to take an object apart while at each step recording the structure and composition of that object at the molecular level.
Instrument or machine capable of taking apart structures a few atoms at a time, recording structural information at each step.
a computer program that takes as input a computer program in machine language and produces an equivalent assembly-language file.
When a developer compiles program code, the programming language code generates assembler code, which is then turned into machine code. Disassemblers turn machine code into assembler code. Such tools are not just intended for bug-checking programs; they are also very important for analysing viruses.
This is a utility which translates machine instructions to assembly language. Such utilities are valuable for debugging programs and also for virus analysis.
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a good idea here, but you only need to disassemble a very small part of the ROM to figure out how to disable/bypass the checksum
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