Definitions for "disability"
State of being disabled; deprivation or want of ability; absence of competent physical, intellectual, or moral power, means, fitness, and the like.
Want of legal qualification to do a thing; legal incapacity or incompetency.
Under IDEA 04 and applicable Alaska law and regulations, children with disabilities are those who meet the following three criteria: The child demonstrates one of the educational disabilities defined in Part III. The presence of the disability adversely affects the educational performance of the child. The child requires special education and related services. Section 504 defines a person with a disability as: Any person who has a physical or mental disability which substantially limits a major life activity or has a record of such disability or is regarded as having such a disability.
Borrowers who are determined by a physician to be permanently, totally disabled may have their loans cancelled unless the reasons for the disability occurred prior to obtaining the loans. Borrowers who are determined by a physician to be temporarily or totally disabled may obtain a deferment.
The university provides a range of services and assistance for students with a disability or ongoing medical condition.
Disability is a general term that refers to any long- or short-term reduction of a person's activity as a result of an acute or chronic condition.
The state of being disabled from earning full wages at the work at which the employee was last employed.
A limitation of an employee's wage earning capacity in work suitable to his or her qualifications and training, resulting from a personal injury or work related disease. The establishment of disability does not create a presumption of wage loss.
Disability which allows a claimant to engage in some kind of gainful employment.  The difference between the claimantâ€(tm)s pre-accident earnings and post-accident earnings is determinative of the reduced earnings rate.  (WC law § 15, Sub.5, 5-a)
The limitation or loss of opportunities to take an equal part in society. This may be a result of social or environmental barriers. Disability, like racism or sexism, is discrimination.
a complex process of causes, effects, direct influences, individual circumstances and social consequences which can be hard to define
a complex system of social restrictions resulting from discrimination
A problem or condition which makes it hard for a student to learn or do things in the same ways as most other students. A disability may be short term or permanent.
Service Learning
Applicants are asked to declare any disability on the UCAS application form. Provision of this information is voluntary and applicants are advised that they may choose only to inform the institutions to which they apply directly. Disability data are available only for home applicants. The wording used to instruct applicants on how to declare a disability changed between 1998 and 1999 (unseen disabilities). In addition, for 2003 entry the Dyslexia category has been extended to other specific learning difficulties (including Dyslexia); the Personal care support category has been abolished; and a further, Autistic disorder, category has been introduced. Disability comparisons between 2003 entry and earlier years should, therefore, be treated with caution.
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(in terms of gun ownership) the lack of legal capability to perform an act (i.e., persons under age, insane persons and convicted criminals are all under a legal disability).
The lack of universal human capacity to use energy for motor and speech performance.
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Economic Harassment
a natural part of the human experience and in no way diminishes the right of individuals to participate in or contribute to society
a Opinion/order Various individual defendants who were supervisors
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see Weekly Indemnity and Long Term Disability.
A measure used to establish the burden of a disease or to compare outcomes of different interventions. ... more ...
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recovery of damages
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IDEA Disability Definitions can be read Here
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an added stress to any relationship
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At most ages, the probability of disability occurring is from 2½ to 4 times more likely than that death will occur at that age.
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See Box 1.2, page 11.
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see Person with a Disability