Definitions for "Directory Service"
(Calendar Server Administrator's Guide; search in this book)
A centralized repository of directory information for use by other servers. The Calendar Server requires that a calendar user be stored in a directory server such as an LDAP server. The Calendar Server then uses the directory server for user authentication and for the storage and retrieval of user preferences. See also LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol).
A logically centralized repository of information. iIM Server depends on a directory service for user authentication. See also LDAP.
The network management function that provides all addressing information required to access an application process.
An application designed to manage information about people and resources within an organization. See also Lightweight Directory Access Protocol.
One or more databases that store and manage distribution lists containing information like user identifiers, e-mail addresses, and network component addresses. Directory services are used by many different applications.
a customizable information store
A directory, possibly supplemented with other kinds of information, combined with a mechanism to provide responses to queries. Source: ESADS.