Definitions for "directional"
of or pertaining to direction (definition 2).
a kite board that looks like a small windsurfer board or surfboard with footstraps. A directional usually has 3 footstraps. It rides best in one direction and has definite nose and tail ends. A directional board is typically 160 to 220 cm in length.
A directional card is a must for every large out-of-town occasion, especially weddings. The directional includes instructions on how to get to the ceremony and reception. Oftentimes, directionals also include suggested hotels and restaurants. Embossing: Embossed is a fancy way of saying that the surface of the paper is raised. This term can apply both to a decoration or icon on the page or to the text. Embossing adds texture to the piece, making it appealing to a person's sense of touch.
A device used to maintain a chosen line or to maintain a stable position.
Description of a light source that is attached to a frame but appears to illuminate all objects with equal intensity, as if it were at an infinite distance from the objects. Directional light has orientation but no position, and it is commonly used to simulate distant light sources, such as the sun.
A hypothesis which predicts that one group will have a higher or lower result than another group
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Said of a ramp where left-turning movements are handled by left exits instead of flyovers or loops from the right.
Any command given to the dog to turn the dog in a desired direction.
relating to direction toward a (nonspatial) goal; "he tried to explain the directional trends of modern science"
showing the way by conducting or leading; imposing direction on; "felt his mother's directing arm around him"; "the directional role of science on industrial progress"
relating to or indicating directions in space; "a directional microphone"
(Contrast with Omni-Directional) () Usually applied to a microphone, when it is capable of receiving sounds from only one direction.
The angle at which a speaker disperses sound. Higher frequencies are narrower than lower frequencies. Tweeters are more directional than woofers.
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An aerial which radiates mainly in one direction only.
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having to do with the line or course along which an object or figure is moved
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serving to indicate direction.
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A design that looks correct from only one direction. Details...