Definitions for "Direct Response"
also know as D.R.. The marketing and sales methodology of bypassing standard retail stores to make a product sale directly with the consumer. Basic direct response channels are: TV, radio, mail, print (newspapers and magazines), catalogs, phone, electronic kiosks, on-line, CD ROM and the granddaddy of them all: carnival pitch men.
Pertaining to promotional media activity that permits or requests consumers to directly respond to the advertiser by post, telephone, e-mail or some other means of communication.
An advertising technique that urges the audience to respond in a particular manner, usually to buy a product, and provides that audience with the means to do so. A business reply card (BRC) is a direct response tool.
Usually achieved in an Internet marketing context by Callback services .
an action such as an email message or a request for subscribing the newsletter
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Term used to describe a merchant processing primarily non-face-to-face or card-not-present transactions.