Definitions for "Direct Payment"
Keywords:  debit, ach, fmep, pago, paiement
You can make electronic payments on your taxes through the Idaho State Tax Commission's State Tax Electronic Payment System (STEPS) Program for ACH Debit. Direct payments may also be made by Automated Clearing House (ACH) Credit.
Payments owed by the buyer which must be settled in cash during the contractual period, not being eligible for financing under a buyers or suppliers' credit. Français: Paiement direct Español: Pago directo
Instead of using cash or credit card, you can pay for purchases directly from your bank account using Direct Payment. Swipe your debit card at a merchant terminal, enter your personal identification number (PIN), select either "chequing" or "savings" button to access the account you wish to make the payment from.
Direct Payments are cash payments made in lieu of social service provisions, to people who have been assessed as needing services. They can be made to disabled people aged 16 or over, to people with parental responsibility for disabled children, and to carers aged 16 or over in respect of carer services. The aim of a direct payment is to give more flexibility in how services are provided to people who are assessed eligible for social services support. By giving individuals money in lieu of social care services people have greater choice and control over their lives, and are able to make their own decisions about how their care is delivered.
a cash imbursement made by social work services to a disabled person (or their parent/guardians) so they can organise their own support and provision rather than being dependant on social work services
a cash payment to allow you to buy your own assessed support instead of Social Services providing it for you
a reimbursement method where patients pay all dental fees out of their own pockets and are not reimbursed.
Where maintenance is paid straight into a bank or building society, or Post Office® card account.