Definitions for "Direct Debit"
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This is a payment out of a bank account which is arranged by the organisation which receives the money.
A method of paying regular bills. The details of the payment are generated by the service supplier - For example your Gas Company. This provides flexibility to pay variable but regular bills. You are also guaranteed a refund from your bank should there be any dispute between you and the service supplier. This facility is normally only available for Current accounts.
This is a UK payments system designed to allow UK originators (eg. telephone, gas, electricity, companies) to regularly collect variable amounts due to them from your UK cheque, current or savings account by electronic funds transfer.
See section on Standing Orders Fixtures and fittings: Items usually provided in a letting – curtains, carpets, blinds, light fittings, kitchen units, appliances, (in the case of some lettings there will beds, chairs, tables and other items of fixtures and fittings provided). It is advisable to always check as to what is provided and not to assume that items will be provided.
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