Definitions for "DIR"
The DOS command to list filenames. This command accepts several switches and parameters. For example, dir/w lists filenames in five columns across the screen. Type "help dir" at a DOS prompt to see a list of the switches and parameters.
Index Definition: Directory List Description: Creates a multi columned directory list. This tag has been deprecated in favour of unorderlists (UL).
Displays a list of files and sub-directories in a directory.
Dir is a Somali clan whose members live mostly in northern Somalia,central (Mudug), Ethiopia's Somali region 5, and Southern Somalia. The six main subclans of the Dir are Gadabuursi, Suure (Cabdalle and Qubeys, (Akisho), Biimaal, Gurgure, Gadsan, and Issa. The Northern branch of the Dir include the Isaaq Mohamed (Ahmed) Hiniftire Mahe Dir and the Gadabuursi Hiniftire Mahe Dir who are closely related to them.
Developmental Individual-difference Relationship-based model
Developmental Individual Relationship-based Intervention created by Drs. Greenspan and Wieder. WWW.ICDL.COM
Diagnostic Imaging Review. An executive summary magazine produced by the DES to highlight the work done by the diagnostic imaging evaluation centres. See Device Evaluation Service (DES) and Medical Devices Agency (MDA).
See Diagnostic Imaging Review.
Digital Image Reserve - a service in which digital images are put up on a customized web page for students to access or for projection in a classroom (all pages are pass worded in order to comply with US Copyright Law).
"doing it right" - Term invented by George Irvine III to describe the practices that he and others derived from Hogarthian principles, a rigorous diving discipline. Loved by all tekkies - see tekkies.
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Dir (Urdu: دیر) is a town in Dir District, NWFP, Pakistan
Division of Intramural Research, NIEHS
Parameter in the diskdef macro library that specifies the number of directory elements on the drive.
1. Direction 2. On a buoy report, the ten-minute average wind direction measurements in degrees clockwise from true North.
see Domestic Incident Report
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Directory of Information Resources (URL:
Demand Initiated Regeneration.
Department of Information Resources
Department of Industrial Relations, California
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Some systems use the "dir" extension for directories or folders.
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Direction; see counter advance sense