Definitions for "Dink"
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either of a married couple who both are employed and have no children. The term is often used as the prototype of midde-class persons with higher-than-average disposable income.
dual income, no kids
Dual Incomes No Kids” is a term a lot of childfree people use to describe themselves. It's also the name of a magazine.
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a ball hit softly that falls to the ground just beyond the net.
Usually a one-hand hit in which the tips of the fingers are used to hit the ball to an area of the opponent's court.
A soft hit ball, usually either a "dink serve" or a "dink spike".
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Dink, also written DINK, was an Alt-Industrial band formed in Kent, Ohio in 1992. The band was unique for its mixture of elements of industrial, hip-hop (rapped vocals and extensive use of samples), hard rock, and pop. Its members included Sean Carlin (guitar, vocals, programming), Rob Lightbody (vocals, guitar), Jer Herring (guitar, vocals), Jeff Finn (bass), and Jan Eddy Van Der (drums).
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foolish, lame or witless person. "He tried to ram a jeep into the Parliament buildings -- what a dink!" also used in adjective form, like . "Yeah, that guy's super-dink." may unwittingly have been derived from a racial slur coined during the Vietnam War; however, the term has lost this connotation through use.
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Nickname for dinghy
an Asian person, especially a Vietnamese; -- used contemptuously, considered disparaging and offensive.
derogatory term for an Asian
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Trim; neat.
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Fail to keep an appointment. Dink stands for DNK-Did Not Keep.
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A bull with very little bucking ability that jumps and kicks or just runs around the arena.
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To deck; -- often with out or up.
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drug dealer.
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Slang for penis.