Definitions for "Digitiser"
A device used to scan a traditional X-ray film to create a digital image data file. There are two types of film digitisers in common use. Both use lasers to scan the film to create the digital image; however one uses photo-multiplier tubes (PMT) to capture the light whereas the other uses charged coupled device (CCD) technology. See Charged Coupled Device (CCD) and Photo Multiplier Tube (PMT).
A device used to convert video signals into a digital format suitable for display on a computer screen. Digitisers typically take several seconds to convert an image, and therefore require that the video picture be perfectly still.
an electronic circuit which takes an analogue signal such as a sound of a video signal and turns it into digital information which can be stored and/or manipulated within the computer and output again as a sound or video signal
Digitiser (not to be confused with a digitizer) was a video games magazine that was broadcast on the Teletext service on Channel 4 in the UK from 1993 to 2003, and (save for nine months during 2002 when it went to three days a week, weekends and holidays) was updated daily. During those ten years, it gained a cult following of up to 1.5 million readers at points, who lauded the magazine for its constant use of surreal humour, which was often risqué, as well as its games coverage, which - while lacking the screenshots afforded by its paper-based rivals - could be some of the most accurate, informed, and up-to-date to be found anywhere.