Definitions for "Digital modem"
Keywords:  pcm, waveform, modem, isdn, datastream
A device that helps linked computers synchronize data transmission and provide error correction. digital video disc (DVD) A disk that can hold seven to twelve times the amount of data on a CD-ROM, transfer data faster than the fastest CD-ROM today, and record data at your computer.
A system component which allows communication over digital access facilities with a remotely located system connected to the public network over analog facilities. Converts incoming digital datastream containing PCM-encoded modem waveform into actual data contained in waveform at a data rate transmitted by far-end modem; performs inverse function for outgoing data stream. See also Modem.
A system component which allows modem users to communicate over digital access facilities. They work by converting the PCM-encoded digital data streams sent by analogue modem users into their original analogue waveform.