Definitions for "Digital Image"
Image composed of bits and bytes. Usually either scanned or photographed using a digital camera. Examples are pictures, drawings, maps, copies of manuscripts, images, etc. See also: Digital Camera, Scanner Last Reviewed: 2003-03-01
An electronic representation of a page of text or other material which is a picture of the page, rather than a transcription of the text. A fax is a digital image, for instance, while the wordprocessor file that produces the page that is faxed is not, since it can be searched.
An electronic version of an original document or image, which has been scanned
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a raw file that can and will be manipuated at any time
a computer file, that can be transformed yeas after being taken
a likeness of something created on the computer
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a substitute for your dream
Keywords:  bytes, binary, visual, bits, code
a visual work stored in binary code (bits and bytes)
a rectangular array of cells where each cell contains one value
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a collection of digital samples