Definitions for "Digital ID"
a unique identifier, just like your social security number, that tells visitors that we have been certified to be who we say we are
An encrypted file containing your personal security data, including your private keys. Access to your digital ID requires authentication via some combination of tokens, biometrics and/or passwords.
A secret code attached to e-mail proves your identity to others and allows you to send and receive encrypted, or coded messages to ensure their privacy.
an electronic substitute for a sealed envelope and handwritten signature
a signature that is the legal equivalent of a written signature thus allowing for the digital signing of files
An electronic key, obtained from a certificate authority, that provides a means for proving your identity on the Internet. Also called digital certificate or authentication certificate.
An emerging technology using public-key cryptography to make Internet and intranet transactions secure.
Digital ID systems use a computer and an interfaced printer to digitally create an identification.