Definitions for "Digital Certificate"
An electronic document, signed with a digital signature, that attests to the ownership of something; especially a certificate signed by a certification authority who attests to the ownership of a public key by an individual or an organization. X.509 is an international standard that defines a framework for authentication services and specifies formats for public key certificates.
Electronic document, delivered by a certificate authority, that guarantees the authenticity of the public keys contained in a directory. A digital certificate specifies the holder of the public key, the public key itself and the expiration date of the key.
A digital certificate is an electronic ID card that proves the sender's identity. A digital certificate is issued by a certificate authority.
a crucial part of secure ecommerce Cobranding Where two companies identify a partnership between them through one company displaying their logos, color schemes etc on another companies application
a crucial part of secure e-commerce
a software token that identifies you to others on the Internet, similar to the way your driver's license identifies you to others
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a document that gives your customers the assurance that your web site is legitimately yours and not an impostor's
a document with a specific format (currently the X
a statement of one or more facts, which is rendered forgery-proof by a cryptographic algorithm
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a randomly generated set of characters that a computer sends to your browser
a software tool that you can install in your browser and e-mail program
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a signed assertion that a particular
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a way to ensure that you are who you say you are
a binary file
a file which contains information on the company to which it refers
an ID that is carried with a file
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a small, unique piece of code that resides on your computer