Definitions for "Digital Camera"
Keywords:  filmless, camera, ccd, photo, film
A camera that directly captures the image in electronic format without the use of film. Last Reviewed: 2002-07-05
Usually captures images with the help of a CCD chip. The image data received is then saved to special memory cards or other storage media. (SmartMedia, xD-Picture Card, Compact Flash, Memory Stick, SD Card, MMC Card)
A camera that captures and stores still images as digital data instead of on photographic film.
a great addition to any household
a great confidence and skill builder for the budding photographer
a great gift, but by now, many mothers already have them
Keywords:  soldiers, possession, common
a common possession among soldiers
a common possession of most soldiers
Keywords:  perk, photoshop, nice, knowing, things
a nice perk, web programming and Photoshop - or at least knowing someone who can do these things - are a must
a no-brainer, but as a student, you're not exactly rolling in dough
Keywords:  bulky, apparatus, ccd, laid, scanner
Apparatus with special back panel on which CCD sensors are laid out in the form of a matrix. It thus allows a direct digitalization of bulky objects in three dimensions, adapted for a scanner.
a fascinating piece of electronic equipment, in part because its design has proven challenging to manufacturers
Keywords:  gadget, wrong, warehouse, lot, complex
a complex gadget -- a lot can go wrong between the manufacturer's warehouse and your living room
Keywords:  godsend, texture, maps, getting
a Godsend for getting texture maps
Keywords:  necessity, process
a necessity for this process
Keywords:  companion, convenient, seven, your
a very convenient companion to your Seven
Keywords:  drunk, weapon, dangerous, hands
a dangerous weapon in the hands of the slightly drunk
Keywords:  huge, wise, investment
a huge investment
a very wise investment
Keywords:  absolute
an absolute must
Keywords:  laptop, idea, better, even, good
a good idea, and an even better idea if he has a laptop
Keywords:  bad, substitute, scanning
a bad substitute for scanning
Keywords:  invents, thing, general, one
a general thing that no one really invents
a must for transvestites who are making web pages and are still in the closet
a device which registers radiation in three spectrum ranges
a related device
Keywords:  leaders, today, market, years, two
a given among market leaders today and has been for the past two years
Keywords:  plus, real
a real plus here
Keywords:  instrument
an instrument of digitization
Keywords:  alternative
an alternative
Keywords:  days
a must-have these days
Keywords:  good, example
a good example of this
Keywords:  need, work, document, your, you
a must as you will need to document your work
Keywords:  you
a must-have for you