Definitions for "Diffuser"
The stationary portion of the compressor which increases the static pressure or the air or air/fuel mixture. The diffuser area in a turbocharger is located between the flat section inside a compressor housing and the flat area on the backing plate beginning at the edge of the compressor wheel.
The bodywork at the rear underside of the car that controls underbody airflow as it exits the back of the car. A good diffuser generates significant downforce.
Channels under the car defined by vertical "fences" which increase the airflow beneath the car by drawing it out and improving downforce.
the part of a luminaire that distributes the light emitted by the lamp
Gauzy or translucent material that alters the quality of light passing through it. A diffuser produces less intense, flatter lighting with weaker, less noticeable shadows.
Thin, translucent material used to diffuse light. Can be tracing paper, translucent plastic, umbrellas or even a bedsheet (as discussed in this lesson).
Inserts gas into water as very tiny bubbles and spreads the gas out. Generally used in smaller tanks to inject CO2
A diffuser is a device fitted over an underwater breathing set's blowoff hole to break up the resulting bubbles very small so they will not be seen from out of the water. They are mostly needed in frogman-type diving operations where secrecy is needed, and in marine biology to avoid scaring fish which are being studied. Designing an adequate diffuser on a rebreather is much easier than on open-circuit scuba.
Diffuser is a punk rock band from the Long Island area that formed in 1994. As of 2006, they have released two albums, Injury Loves Melody (2001) and Making the Grade (2003), both with Hollywood Records. Their single Karma was included on the soundtrack for , and peaked at number 20 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Tracks chart.
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John Haigh
an equipment where sucrose juice is extracted by dissolving sugar beet in hot water
A proprietary device that diffuses impinging sounds (instead of reflecting them) through reflection-phase-grating means.
An acoustical device, or surface that, by its shape causes incoming sounds to be reflected outward in many different directions.
a large closed tank with a perforated false bottom, and a vent at the top through which steam containing a little entrained fiber passes
an attachment used by hairdressers to create curl, body and texture
baffle that distributes sound waves evenly
X-ray equipment, a portion of the condensing and focusing system that permits even distribution of energy. See X-Ray.
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See Distributor.
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a special kind of reflector
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a down pipe/tube or down stem that has a capped end with small holes in it
a fabricated tube, which consists of a core and screen assembly
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a way to get the aroma out in the room
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One who, or that which, diffuses.