Definitions for "Dick Tracy"
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In the 1930's Mobsters like Al Capone ruled Chicago, Chester Gould decided the public needed a crime-fighting hero, so he created a comic strip with Dick Tracy, a square jawed, trench coated police detective who continues to appear in newspaper comic strips even today.
Dick Tracy is a long-run comic strip featuring a popular and familiar character in American pop culture. Dick Tracy is a hard hitting, fast shooting and supremely intelligent police detective who has matched wits with a variety of often grotesquely ugly villains. Created by cartoonist Chester Gould in 1931, the strip made its debut appearance on October 4, 1931, distributed by the Chicago Tribune Syndicate.
Dick Tracy is a 1990 film based upon the Dick Tracy comic strip character created by Chester Gould. The film was directed by Warren Beatty, and originally released in cinemas by Touchstone Pictures. Beatty also starred as the iconic square-jawed detective.