Definitions for "DiB"
An older bitmap image format
A file containing an array of bits combined with several structures that specify the width and height of the bitmapped image (in pixels), the color format of the device where the image was created, and the resolution of the device used to create that image. The DIB file format ensures that bitmap graphics created in one application can be loaded and displayed in another application exactly the way they appear in the originating application. See also bitmap, bitmap file.
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Dé chets Industriels Banals
Dib is a fictional character from the Nickelodeon animated television series, Invader Zim. He is Zim's rival and is highly unpopular at school (where he shares a class with Zim) and at home for his broken record obsession with the paranormal, aliens, Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, and other phenomena. Dib has been obsessed with the paranormal and supernatural since an early age, as seen in the episodes Bad Bad Rubber Piggy and Mysterious Mysteries.
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Simon Fraser University CMPT-401 term project simple distributed Key-Value database with goals being data consistency and crash recovery. No help or tips please until after April 19,
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Abbreviation for diameter inside the bark. It usually refers to the scaling diameter (the diameter inside the bark of the small end) of a log rather than a standing tree.
the diameter of a tree or log excluding bark thickness.
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share of the loot
The bus architecture between Intel's Pentium II processor, memory, and L2 cache. One bus connects the processor to L2 cache and a second connects the processor...
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To dip.
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One of the small bones in the knee joints of sheep uniting the bones above and below the joints.
A child's game, played with dib bones.
Disability Insurance Benefits. Title II benefit category for disabled workers.
Disability insurance benefits. Up to 25% can be taken and applied to support.
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Directory Information Base
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Data Interface Box (part of FEE)