Definitions for "Dial-in"
Elapsed time selection which relates to the vehicle's actual elapsed times in practice. The elapsed time a racer thinks his car will run.
The number a driver places on the vehicle that indicates the predicted elapsed time for that run. A driver must cross the finish line at or above that number. Going under the dial-in results in a foul. If both drivers go under their respective dial-in, the one with the greater margin of "breakout" is automatically disqualified.
a time that you think your car will run in the quarter mile
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A bandwidth connection, limited to 56Kbps, that uses a phone line and a phone modem.
a PPP connection
A connection, usually made via modems, between two computers (or servers) over standard voice grade telephone lines.
Where conference participants would call into a bridge telephone number to join a audio conference.
Generally an audio teleconferencing system or bridge that requires participants to dial in through normal telephone circuits to participate in the teleconference. Also referred to as " meet-me."
Conference participants join meetings by dialing an 800 number, then entering a specific passcode.