Definitions for "Diagnose"
Keywords:  nouz, gnouz, carefully, wrong, him
5dai[gnouz9 7dai[g5nouz/ v. find out what is wrong with someone, by examining him carefully
To identify a disease.
determine or distinguish the nature of a problem or an illness through a diagnostic analysis
Determining the cause of a problem or type of information needed and the actions that must be taken to resolve it.
Keywords:  ascertain, see
To ascertain by diagnosis; to diagnosticate. See Diagnosticate.
from two Greek root words, dia (across) and gnosis (to know), to know or understand what is happening across a body or object
to observe our learners in a systematic way so that we can make a judgment about their physical well-being.
The process of performing diagnostics on a bus or on circuit cards.
Keywords:  analysis, subject, medical
subject to a medical analysis