Definitions for "diabetes"
Any of several diseases which is attended with a persistent, excessive discharge of urine; when used without qualification, the term usually refers to diabetes mellitus. The most common form is diabetes mellitus, in which the urine is not only increased in quantity, but contains saccharine matter, and the condition if untreated is generally fatal.
A condition in which there is too much sugar (glucose) in the blood. It occurs because of problems with the production or the effectiveness of the hormone, insulin. Type I diabetes involves the body not making enough insulin, while Type II diabetes involves the body not being able to respond to insulin.
An endocrine disease that results in the inability to burn sugars from the foods you eat.
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Dandelion (root), Eyebright, Garlic, Ginger, Ginseng, Blueberry, Ginkgo, Hawthorn and Nettle.
Bitter Melon, Fenugeek, Gymnema Sylvestre
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a major public health, social and economic problem throughout Southern California and the country
a serious health problem in the U
Care -The combined percent of Priority Health members with diabetes in the Primary Care Provider's (PCP) practice group who had an HbA1c result less than or equal to 7%; an LDL-C level less than 130; a retinal eye exam; and/or a screening for nephropathy. Proper management of diabetes leads to fewer health problems associated with diabetes.
a lack of proven quantitative assays of the antigen specific T cells that destroy islet B-cells
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Understanding Canine Diabetes Canine Diabetes
Specialists in this field of medicine provide education in diabetes management, along with other tools to help patients take control of their diabetes and prevent it from interfering with active, healthy lives.
a difficult condition to manage and often leads to emergencies
A chronic condition which affects the ability of the body to process food. As with any other chronic condition, sufferers can have great difficulty in getting medical, travel, or other insurance cover. See: specialist providers, health insurance, travel insurance, pre-existing condition
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Down's Syndrome
A disorder that prevents the body from converting digested food into energy.
A medical disorder that can cause kidney failure.
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See Type 1 diabetes and Type 2 diabetes