Definitions for "devolution"
Transference from one person to another; a passing or devolving upon a successor.
a transfer or allocation of authority to lower or local levels of administration or particular interests. The state retains the same responsibilities but entrusts them to local levels of national administration.
A shift in the locus of responsibility, decisionmaking, or control from a higher level of government to a lower level of government (e.g., the federal government to state or local levels of government).
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In the context of these discussions, devolution means the handing over or "downloading" of social housing administration and funding, from the Province to the Service Managers. The exception is providers transferred to MOH/LTC or MCSS. Devolution also refers to handing over the federal responsibilities for non-profit housing to the Province - the funding responsibility was transferred in 1998, the administration was implemented under the Social Housing Reform Act.
The act of rolling down.
Medieval Latin devolutio, a rolling back -- biologically, evolution of structures toward greater simplicity or disappearance (degeneration).
a reversal of evolution, a return to past forms.
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Devolution is the fourth full-length studio album from American crossover thrash band, M.O.D.. It was released in 1994 on Music For Nations and follows 1992's Rhythm of Fear.