Definitions for "Device context"
Keywords:  gdi, plotter, metafile, pen, bitmap
A structure that defines a set of graphic objects and their associated attributes, and the graphic modes that affect output. The graphic objects include a pen for line drawing, a brush for painting and filling, a bitmap for copying or scrolling parts of the screen, a palette for defining the set of available colors, a region for clipping and other operations, and a path for painting and drawing operations. Conceptually, a device context is a link between a Windows-based application, a device driver, and an output device such as a display, printer, or plotter.
A data structure that defines the graphic objects, their associated attributes, and the graphic modes affecting output on a device.
An object which both holds information about a device and provides a way to use the device. Device contexts refer to an internal data structure in Windows not accessible to applications; programs can only reference device context via a handle. Back
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