Definitions for "Developmental Disabilities"
Severe chronic disabilities that are manifested before the age of 22, are likely to continue indefinitely, result in substantial functional limitations and reflect the need for services that are lifelong or of extended duration.
Conditions originating in childhood that result in a significant handicap in the individual.
Developmental Disabilities refer to syndromes that significantly impact an individual's level of intellectual functioning. Persons with developmental disabilities can learn, but will do so at a slower rate and to a different capacity level than a peer with average intelligence. Excellent programs and options for inclusive education exist for these individuals. See the PREP program website as an example of a progressive resource centre for children and families with one type of developmental disability - Down syndrome.
Any condition or disorder that interferes with a child's development and are typically evident before a person reaches age twenty-two. Such conditions are likely to continue indefinitely.
any conditions or disorders of the body, mind, or emotions that interfere with a child’s normal development.
Inability to grasp concepts and reach full cognitive capability.