Definitions for "Deuce"
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Two; a card or a die with two spots; as, the deuce of hearts.
A condition of the score beginning whenever each side has won three strokes in the same game (also reckoned "40 all"), and reverted to as often as a tie is made until one of the sides secures two successive strokes following a tie or deuce, which decides the game.
two-spot; the lowest-ranking card of a suit.
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"Deuce" is a song written by KISS bassist/vocalist Gene Simmons that first appeared on KISS' eponymous 1974 debut album. Live versions appear on Alive! (performed by the original KISS lineup of Simmons, guitarists Paul Stanley and Ace Frehley and drummer Peter Criss), and Alive III (which featured the lineup of Simmons, Stanley, guitarist Bruce Kulick and drummer Eric Singer).
Deuce is the third studio album by West Coast Dallas rapper The D.O.C., and the second since the car accident which severely damaged his larynx. He has been reported as saying that this is his second comeback album, as he was not satisfied with his previous work on Helter Skelter. The first and only single released from Deuce was "The Shit", which features fellow former-N.W.A. members MC Ren and Ice Cube, along with Snoop Dogg and 6 Two.
Deuce was released in 1971 and is the second album by Rory Gallagher. In contrast with his previous album Rory Gallagher which he believed to have an organised sound, Deuce was an effort by Gallagher to capture the energy of a live performance.
The devil; a demon.
a word used in exclamations of confusion; "what the devil"; "the deuce with it"; "the dickens you say"
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A 2kW Fresnel.
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The act of flipping someone off. Also called 'single deuce,' which is the preferred method of Pom-Pom. Apparently, 'deuce' can also mean the act of shoving a cake for The Poopsmith Strong Sad's face.
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a drunk driver
Shorthand named for the number 2.
the cardinal number that is the sum of one and one or a numeral representing this number
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In dice, a pair of ones, also known as "snake eyes."
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Short for an Army 2 ½ ton truck.
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If both you and your opponent have 40 points each this is called Deuce.