Definitions for "Detonator"
An explosive whose action is practically instantaneous.
A gun fired by a percussion cap.
A device containing a small detonating charge that is used for detonating an explosive, including, but not limited to, blasting caps, exploders, electric detonators, and delay electric blasting caps.
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Detonator is Ratt's fifth studio album. Released in 1990, it was the first album that failed to go platinum for the glam metal legends.
Detonator made history when it first appeared in the Americana section of Worlds of Fun as being the first "space shot" ride of its type in the United States. Also it was the first to have a twin-tower form. Detonator launches riders 200 feet in the air only to fall right back down.
A case containing detonating powder, the explosion of which serves as a signal, as on railroads.
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Something used to detonate a charge, as a detonating fuse.
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One that detonates