Definitions for "deterministic"
causally determined and not subject to random chance.
Which can be predicted with certainty from the past.
Referring to events that have no random or probabilistic aspects but proceed in a fixed predictable fashion.
any algorithm or automaton such that for any given set of data each step has only one possible successor.
Known in advance when the sum of one-step ahead forecast mean squared errors is zero. The fundamental continuous effect of an exogenous variable such as money supply that can be determined to be explanatory.
having a fixed outcome bounded by strict principles or methods. (see heuristic) back to previous page E-L
(for model/process) A method or process that adopts precise, single-values for all Variables and input values, giving a single value output.
An approach that presumes the presence of fixed constraints. [D02658] RMW
A (mathematical) relationship incorporating the physical cause of the observed effect.
Deterministic systems are governed entirely by laws. In the macro sense the universe, starting with the Big Bang operates deterministically. Events considered non-deterministic are only apparently so. If determinism is correct then the human mind could one day expect to understand everything once all the variables are known and appropriate equations are written.
Later states evolve from earlier ones according to a fixed law usually expressed as a mathematical equation.
an inevitable consequence of antecedent sufficient causes
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A pattern is deterministic if a schema processor can always determine which path through the schema to follow by looking only at the current element under validation. Unlike W3C XML Schema, RELAX NG doesn't require deterministic patterns.
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of or pertaining to determinism; as, deterministic theories.
Holds for a voting system if it always produces an election winner.
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